Sunday, January 6, 2013

i've been dying to have a bird nail art, due to my frustration mixed with depression i got my first bird nail art, but unfortunately it didnt look nice. i hate to show my nails in public its soo ugly yeah literally ugly i didnt even like it and it doesnt even look like a bird. i have this cheap yellowish with gold dust nail with a black supposedly "BIRD" but it looks like a marijuana for real! this epic fail nail art makes my day worst but anyway i'll have it redone tomorrow a simple red will do.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 wishlist

this 2013 i want to own/have/be :
a poloaroid camera, i dont know why, i just felt this urge to collect pictures that i took randomly
"maybe" it can boost out my artistic ego which i think i have HAHAHAHAHA

a new iphone, this new year i want to own a new iphone (fingers crossed) just to replace the stolen one

go out and wear something nice, i really want to go out and wear something nice
something fashionable, something sexy or just something that can lift my confidence

have a vacation alone, i want to have a peaceful vacation just me alone in a white calming atmosphere

indulge my self with sweets, i have a sweet tooth, i just want to cure myself with lots of sweets this year :D

be fit, hopefully this year i will be fit or at least closer to it

wear something from 50's, i am amuse by the 50's fashion someday and hopefully this year i'll have the
chance to wear one

a new shades, i've been craving for a new shades, i mean a lot of shades this year

try something adventurous, so far last year i tried lots of first time-adventures hoping this year there would
be more of it, more exciting and more adventurous

experience a fairytale-like scenes, i've been dreaming of it since i was a kid and until now HAHAH        
this year i just want to experience something magical

be able to taste choco molten cake, just a bite puhleeeaseeee :(

a lot crazier, crazier = funnier i guess :")
aside from the pictures i've got the most important wish i have in my mind is to

be closer to god, just a bit closer

hopefully i can achieve all of these or at least  half of it, a new wishlist a new year god bless to me hahaha :D
i wont beg 2013 will be good to me, at least better for the world.